Join The MagnUM Tradition

Throwback to Team 12 (2008-2009)


No Experience Necessary

Experience with the sport of ultimate is not necessary to try out for or make the team. In fact, over half of our current players had no previous ultimate experience before making the team. We’ll teach you the rules, plays, strategies, how to throw, and the tradition of MagnUM. The only thing you need to be is athletic.

Time Commitment

We are students first and foremost, so school always comes first. Classes and tests take precedence over all things ultimate. In the fall semester MagnUM practices twice a week and travels to 2-3 tournaments. In the winter semester we practice 3-4 times per week and travel to 4-5 tournaments. Mid-April kicks off playoff time, known as the “College Series”, where commitment peaks as well as competitive expectations.


Tryouts for Team 19 (2015-2016) will take place in September 2015. Please fill out our tryout form if you are interested in the team. We would love to hear from you!