Whispering Rookies

By Andy Yu

MagnUM has been an experience of a lifetime. In May of 2013, I had to be convinced to join a summer league at home and play Frisbee. Now, one year later, I’m a member of MagnUM, poised to go to Mason, Ohio and play at College Nationals. What a year it has been. I’m only a rookie, but I already know I’m playing for one of the greatest teams I have ever been on in my sporting life. The on field success this year speaks for itself. With a championship victory at Easterns and taking the region, MagnUM has really hit its stride late in the season. The question remains how this memorable season is going to end. But, winning isn’t everything when it comes to MagnUM. Instead, this is a team that preaches and exemplifies family and brotherhood. For spring break this year, 22 of my fellow brothers and I traveled to Florida to spend one week together. It was a week of beach, games, Frisbee, and bonding. I honestly believe it’s MagnUM’s off field activities that has led to such a successful season. When I step on the field, I play and give my all for my fellow teammates, as I know how hard they have worked. We don’t play for personal glory, MagnUM balls out for each other. Mistakes are always forgiven; handshakes and encouragement are shared freely. MagnUM is the very definition of a team, and I am proud to be a part of it.