Eastern Qualifier

Tourney Champs, 8 - 0 overall

In Mid February your favorite bunch of dudes traveled to sunny South Carolina

on a quest to earn a bid to Easterns. Many of us felt MagnUM had been

disrespected when the Easterns selection committee passed over Michigan in

favor of less illustrious ultimate programs like JMU and Illinois, so a little more

than just a bid was on the line. After the always epic 14 hour trek down, the

team settled into the oceanfront Avista resort, also known as 523 South.


To be quite honest the team came out flat. Whether it was the lack of old man

Russo and Jamp (forced to fly in Saturday morning due to the pursuit of other

interests), or adjusting to new coach Tyler Kinley in his first tournament as

coach, MagnUM struggled in the first game. A scrappy UPenn team kept it

close throughout, but ultimately MagnUM’s superior talent carried them to a

break on U point for the win. Following that mess, MagnUM got itself together,

and cruised through the rest of the day, smothering Alabama, Georgetown,

and Rutgers by a combined score of 39 - 17, and allowing key players to rest in

preparation for Sunday.

Saturday night:

Immediately following the games most of the team followed Licki’s lead and

plunged into a nearly frozen Atlantic Ocean to prepare the bodies for Sunday.

Sam Greenwood lived up to his dual Canadian citizenship and was able to

remain in the water long after the rest of the squad. As always the team went

out for a great meal with the lads, this time at a classy and overpriced Italian

joint picked out by Bobby Moyer. Russo’s charm seduced the likely single

waitress into giving his entire table free limoncello. Later in the night Travis

Compo reclaimed his rightful title as “Poophead."


Due to a strange tournament format, and despite their status as the overall 1

seed, MagnUM had to start the day bright and early with a pre quarters game

against Kansas. They rolled easily, with the O line playing a break free game

and the defense smothering Kansas’s frequent deep shots. Next up was James

Madison, a team that had been given an automatic bid to Easterns over

MagnUM. The outcome was never in doubt, with MagnUM winning 15-6.

After a bit of a break due to the efficiency MagnUM had eliminated JMU with,

the team moved to a new field to take on familiar rival Ohio State. With an

experienced team led by a strong core of High Five players, the game figured to

be the toughest yet and it was, with MagnUM quickly trailing 6-4 after trading

hucks early and getting broken twice in a row. However, following a timeout

MagnUM turned the defensive intensity way up, and got a crucial break back

before the half. In the second half it was all MagnUM, with numerous players

playing both ways and getting huge stops on defense. In the end MagnUM

came away with a 15-12 win that was much closer than the score indicated.

In the finals Brown was waiting, a team featuring several young players with

National team experience, but not much depth beyond that. The game began

with possibly the longest O-point ever played, with 2 timeouts, countless

turns, and ultimately a Michigan hold. From there the teams traded points,

until MagnUM brought out their signature 2 - 3 - 2 Harbaugh zone. Our chasers

were tireless, forcing Brown to make hundreds of throws on each point, and

wearing down their star players. They began to make sloppy mistakes and give

up easy goals on defense, and from there MagnUM cruised, winning the title by

a comfortable 15-10 margin. The team celebrated for a bit, then climbed back

into the vans for the seemingly never ending Sunday night ride home.